Kampala Hash House Harriers

Hashtrash Nov 2008 - Jan 2009
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Took us from Zone 7 on to Mr. Biggs, Victoria Suites on to the Bash, Club Silk up to Pope Paul Memorial Centre.

Thankx go to Cleavage, Mama Mia, Dirty Dick, Fuckin Ass Hole, Horse Pipe, Kamdulu, Sudhir, Queennie, Descendant and Pokino who kept the runs going.

Ugly - During those runs, we received ugly faces such as; Margaret Kadoa with BTC, Catherine of Straight talk, Harriet Sagging Boobs the returnee together with Wamala & Barbara the fruits of her labour, John Galiwango a hawker from Kitintale, David from England together with Martins’ his house boy, Black Yoyo the returnee, Sarah from the US, Nina from German, Janet the English who emigrated from the USJackline Kobusinge a lecturer at UCU, Apolo Lumu in Kampala investigating frau  d  off springs Matumbwe Halima working with World Tutor Tour Company, Marvin Kibuka Musoke of UPE.

Others were, Baale from Masaka, Nekesa Janet a Cashier at a Computor Centre, Rachael, Moesha, Capt. Geoffrey Kyomuhendo of UPDF, Michael Kiwanuka based in the uk, Juliana Ugandan, Susan a Police Officer all the way from LondonJohn made to come all the way by Witch Doctor, Clay Fish the returnee who has been ruuning in the Himalayas, Code Peas, Ema Kerunen the rugger and Complainer together with rent boy the returnees.

Sinners – During the same period Stretch Marks, Federo, Mazongoto continued to appear in the National press without the knowledge and permission of the H/M, Muddy Blow Job, Hillary, Pisser, Hacken Bush and Bin Counter did organize beers at the MTN marathon at a subsidized rate of only Ushs. 1,000/= without permission to the annoyance of the hashers. Their sinful act caused the hashers to close their tent late at 5 p.m. when all other participants had closed their tents at 11 a.m. Of course Mupakasi took the occasion to drink (25) bottles of Moonberg unnoticed.

Other sinners were; Kabuki & Knock Knees for running the MTN Marathon in a Zain T/shirt, Sleepery when wet for coming late, Hash Mzee for running like he was having an orgasm, Federo & Rip Off for running on to the stage like possessed wankers and eventually grabbing chicks and squeezed them without the permission of the H/M, Dayo for taking (2) Months from KH3 to train for the Kazi run where he collapsed after only one Km, Loketo & Wanchekecha for doing it at the trail, Slippery when Wet for feeding a Rolex to a fellow male wanker Wide Load, Conman, Dip Stick & Perry Marson for appearing in a sex maganize. They were all awarded DDs as per the hash tradition.

Archivers - During the said period, Warm Beer clocked (400) runs, Muchira (300) runs Federo (200) runs, Shave Mabira, Muddy Blow Job, Itching Thighs, Prick Searcher, Off-Layer, Malungu Martin, Pipping Dick, Mazongoto, Hawker, Nsamba Daniel, Kapapala, Wide Load and Slippery when wet (50) runs.

Baptism – For those who did not know, it is now official that Zubeda Kiryowa became TUBELESS, Wonekha Olive the PM for Bududda became GINGLE BALLS, Joseph Sali became POPE THREADER, Soo-Ryun Kwon became Dog Eater, and Becca Schwarts became SOLAR ERECTION.

HashShitters – As you are aware, before the hash shit, chatterers are always rewarded for their good behaviours. This time around, Appendix was rewarded together with the German Shepherd I hear who did plastic surgery on her hips to have a kapapala. Others chatterers were; Black Yoyo, ManU, Shave Mabiraon hers 

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