Kampala Hash House Harriers

Mismanagement 2012

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MMC 2012




 Hash Master  

Boss hasher


Hash Mattress

Boss Harriettes/hashettes

Small Hole

Hash Cash

The one who takes the kitty key home


Hare Raiser

Registers updates and announces all runs



“Be on your good behavior” boss

Dirty Dick

Hash Stats

Gets your runs straight and acknowledges you

Knock Knees

Hash Horn

Keeps lost and slouching wankers on the trail

Buffalo Dung

 Hash Scribe

Communication guru that trashes you globally

Ugly Betty

Hash Tabs

In-charge down downs center

Itching Thighs

Ass Hash Cash

Brings the profit home to the bank

Dry Climax


So you can paint the city “hashy”

Katanga Bii

Hash Flash

So you can get noticed

Fancy Pants

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